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07/13/09 05:33 PM #32    

Laurie Gilder (Beets)

Here are my suggestions for the DJ:
Song Artist
Refugee Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
Pour Some Sugar on Me Def Leppard
Rock of Ages Def Leppard
Cowboy Kid Rock
You Shook Me all night long ACDC
Back In Black ACDC
Walk This Way Aerosmith
Kiss Prince
Nasty Janet Jackson
Mony Mony Billy Idol
Talk Dirty to Me Poison
1999 Prince
Little Red Corvette Prince
Kiss Prince
I Love Rock N Roll Joan Jett
Open Arms Journey
Separate Ways (Worlds Apart) Journey
Love Shack B-52's
Centerfold J. Geils Bankd
Waiting for A Girl Like You Foreigner
Sexual Healing Marvin Gaye
Shout Tears For Fears
Working for the Weekend Lover Boy
Turn Me Loose Lover Boy

Low Flo Rida

07/20/09 07:12 AM #33    

Robert Hamon

hey i just found the it too late to get in on the action...if not who do i need to call and get ahold of


07/26/09 06:10 PM #34    

Rita Walker (Walker)

Wow! I had a great time on Saturday. If you took pictures please share. Can't wait 'til the next time we get together.

07/27/09 02:10 PM #35    

Ray James

Hey the reunion was great. Jeff, Laurie and Bruce did a great Job. I said them cause I didn't want people to forget what they did. Missed class photo cause of wife, coming alone for 30 years. Finally got to see John Samples, Joe Golden, Terry Ray, Mark Crawford and my dog Johnny. Looking for pics.

07/27/09 11:10 PM #36    

Sonya Roundtree (None)

Hey every one I had a great time this weekend, it was just like old times. I'm so tired of laughing, smiling, talking and take pictures, but I keep going to let every one in OKC know about my great classmates and friends and how close we are even if it has been some years sents we have seen each other. It was great growing up in okmulgee and okmulgee and my great classmates has made me the person I am today. I hope every one has made it home safe and can't wait to see you all soon

07/31/09 06:49 PM #37    

Angela Roberts

wow we did the dammmmmm thing yes my feet still hurt loved to see everyone please keep in touch 84 for life love every one of you

08/01/09 10:23 PM #38    

Carla Reed

Hey 84U

What a great time I had at this reunion.
Guess over the years I had forgotten or misplaced the memory of how special this 1984 class is .
We have a lot of great people in our class.

Hats off to a wonderful job on the reunion and making every thing special!!

Lets keep in touch!!!
luvs and Hugs

Rita send me your email

08/04/09 11:58 AM #39    


Pam Sloan (Reed)

Hello everyone-I had a wonderful time at the class reunion! It was so nice to see everyone, I am so blessed to have went to school with you all. I love you all!-Pam I have lots of pictures! NOt sure where to post them??

08/09/09 07:51 PM #40    


Pam Sloan (Reed)

Rochelle once again you have done a totally awesome job with the pictures! Thank you and everyone involved for such a great reunion! I am so looking forward to the 30th! I will help with anything needed with the planning as well from a distance of course. Pam

08/10/09 10:25 AM #41    

Rita Walker (Walker)

Hey Guys I lost my phone so please email me your phone numbers @

Luv ya...

Wow it was so good seeing people that you were close to and for some reason did not stay in touch with.

My Band Buddies - We could not tell a story without mentioning Mr. Samples. The Black Superman.... The Pride Of Okmulgee High. I don't think I was ever as proud to be in the band as I was under his direction.

I say we should plan something in 2011. Don't forget to send me your numbers again. Thanks for the memories...

08/14/09 12:15 PM #42    

Willena Ponder (Adams)

Hi everyone! I hate I missed the reunion. I did not know about it until 2 days ago. I won't miss the next event! Looks like you all had a great time.

08/18/09 09:47 AM #43    

Rita Walker (Walker)

Happy Birthday, Herbert & Margaret Thomas. Have a good one...

08/19/09 09:48 AM #44    


Rodney Weibley

Man, I knew I would regret not going to the reunion. After checking out the reunion pictures, I'm just flat out mad at myself for not attending. Lot of sexy 40 something's out there. Rochelle, can we do a 26 year reunion, or do I have to wait for the 30 year reunion
:-)). I couldn’t really tell by the pictures, but looks like people were cautious while moving through the soul train line, no hand stands or break-dancing.
Looks like you guys had a blast. I will definitely be at the next one, hope to see all of you.


08/21/09 12:01 PM #45    

Rita Walker (Walker)

Sonya, Happy Belated Birthday I was out of town yesterday. So I hope you had a good one. Love ya....

11/07/09 11:46 AM #46    

Carla Reed

I got My Picture ....It looks Great Thanks Rochelle

06/23/10 04:13 AM #47    

Leona Combs


What would the claa of 84 think about Las Vegas Nevada for the 30'th reunion. Please think about it ok I live here and it's wonderful it would do all of you good!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10/09/13 11:27 PM #48    


Pam Sloan (Reed)

Hello everyone! I am so looking forward to seeing everyone!  Be Blessed and let's get ready for some fun!


01/17/14 04:00 PM #49    

Willena Ponder (Adams)

What are the dates for the September 2014 Class Reunion??    I have to put in for the time off from work ASAP!!  Someone please email me at to let me know.   Thank you in advance!!


Lena (Ponder) Adams

03/12/14 12:11 PM #50    

Rita Walker (Walker)

I can't wait to see you guys in September...


03/30/14 03:40 AM #51    

Ray James

Which hotel are we registered in for our reunion?

06/10/14 02:56 PM #52    


Herb Thomas

Hey Class of '84, haven't been keeping up with the "Jones's" lately but still looking forward to seeing everybody, anybody...somebody at the 30th.  Until then, I'll see you, when I see you!


08/09/14 04:39 AM #53    

Carla Reed

What Happened to Scott Wooten?

09/18/14 05:01 PM #54    


Virginia Pitts

Hey everyone!  I'm so looking forward to seeing you all at the reunion (hard to believe it's this weekend!).  I won't be able to make it to all of the festivities (as I won't be getting into Okmulgee until a little later on Friday and am trying to work around a couple of family commitments), but I'm definitely going to be at the banquet Saturday night and am hoping to make at least one or two of the other Friday and Saturday events as well.  Can't wait!!

- Virginia

09/26/14 11:09 AM #55    

Willena Ponder (Adams)

Hi everyone I had an awesome time at the 3oth class reunion.  Hope to see more classmates in 2019!!!  Those of you that were at the OHS tour and saw the picture/painting on the wall of the language arts room of a black person being hung.  I want you all to know I spoke with Principal Ramsey on Tuesday 9/23/2014 and informed him of this, he has taken it down. He also said there was another painting up there of a noos and a chair and he removed that also.  I do not know the thinking of that teacher but it is a disgrace.

On a brighter note, I just want to say I enjoyed seeing you all.  My classmates are awesome.  Love you much.

09/26/14 09:47 PM #56    

Rita Walker (Walker)

Hey everyone  if I did not get your email address or phone number at our luncheon please email me at  Tommy and Stephen wanted me to put together something like a newsletter and make it available for everyone.  If you would like to share your pictures that you took at the reunion please email them to me.  I want to have this ready by the end of October.  

I facebooked several of our classmates and most of them said the timing was wrong for them.  So I do believe if we try June next time we would get a better response.  

Hey lets try and meet up for those who want to in 2016 and do a cruise.. ...

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